Welcome to PrettyPinkPebbles!

This space is designed as if it’s an enchanted white room with big white windows, and a bright yellow door, which is always slightly open. Step in, and jubilate under the spell of beauty and simplicity!

Interesting people, soulful things, books, nature, and music surround me in such a glorious way that I can say, ‘I live my life in Creative Splendor.’ While creating this space, I do not let myself interfere with my work. I let my inner force guide me, and then I allow the grace of existence to flow through me.

It’s a safe and peaceful place where you can sleep on strawberries, run on rainbows, smell rain, star gaze, wander aimlessly, or may be simply find the balance to stand on your head. Life is all about these little little things, that make life beautiful! I call them PrettyPinkPebbles.

I create Art, Beauty, Happiness and Joy for you here. Come in, and rejoice!

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