Yugen, A solo art exhibition by Ana Jain, at Triveni Gallery, Delhi

You are cordially invited to Yugen, my first Solo Art Exhibition on view from May 23 – Jun 1, 2019 at Triveni Gallery.

Yugen refers to a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.

This body of work represents those moments when how you feel transcends description, and you wonder how limiting language could be.
It refers to an emotion that is so deeply experienced by us, yet we cannot publicly objectify it. These artworks are my moments of Yugen.

The ‘Yugen’ art exhibition will be showcasing a broad variety of work, including watercolour, acrylic, and mix media work on paper and canvas. I have been very emotionally and deeply involved in this body of work. I hope you enjoy the intense nature of this work, and it evokes some deep emotions and feelings in you too.

I look forward to meeting you there. Plan your visit soon!