15 FUNNY FACTS about people who wear glasses.

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Personal | 13 comments

If you wear glasses, we have something in common. Lets laugh it off.


A housefly comes and sits on your glasses. And instead of shooing that pesky little thing, you end up observing it that close. Blame the rarity of such an occasion.


You feel silly when you step in the shower with them still on.


You wish for glasses with wipers, especially in monsoons.


In a trial room, you forget to take them off while trying a nice dress and they get stuck, in the dress. I hate this one.


You feel stupid when you try to adjust them even when you are not wearing them.


Specs are basically meant to correct your vision so that you can see clearly, but when you step out of your air conditioned car or breathe out in your hot teacup you are almost blinded by the fog.


While buying a new dress, you remove them to admire yourself; this is when you know you would be wearing them when you finally do wear that dress.


You have to remove your glasses when you want to kiss your kid or get cuddly with your loved one. And if you don’t, you end up hurting them. Actually I’ll put it this way, that sudden urge to hug or kiss someone often results in a minor casualty.


You feel no one can read the expression in your eye, so you become over expressive. And look rather dramatic and foolish.


Your specs sliding off your nose is a little annoying reminder; you have got oily skin.


You turn into a monster if someone touches the lens of your glasses with their fingertips.


You have no option but to keep them at a fixed place, because if absentmindedly you do keep them somewhere else and later don’t remember where, you will have some fine trouble finding them. Remember you cannot see clearly without them.


While you are doing your favorite adho mukha svanasana, your nose is doing its own yoga pose to prevent your glasses from falling.


Watching 3d movies with 3d glasses on top of your own glasses does take some pleasure away.


Your vision is fine now, well yeah, except the side vision. So looking at someone from the corner of the eye is an expression that results in blurred vision.

Have you had any other funny instance. It would be great to listen to your side of story.

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  1. Arav

    hehehe, so true 🙂

  2. Imelda

    I see myself in this post. 🙂

    • Ana Jain

      hi imelda. i think all the people who wear specs are little closer to each other. know each other a little better. 🙂

  3. The extraordinary youngster

    I hated it more when I went to Imagica where I had to remove them on giant rollercoaster and didnt got an awesome view from the top 🙁

    • Ana Jain

      oh yea. am sure that would have been v annoying.

  4. khushnumab

    My kid before i kiss him says mummy remove glasses.. anyways good read .

  5. Khushboo

    I have experienced all of them except for hugging a child (my owlish specs scare children away!) Great post 😀

    • Ana J.

      My kid asks me to remove them, when he wants to get cuddly and he loves it when i wear lenses.

  6. Akum Kichu

    The first point is hilarious. Maybe I should start wearing glasses

    • Ana J.

      don’t say like that, they only sound fun. they are quite a botheration actually. have got used to them now, and don’t mind them as much.

  7. debajyoti

    had a good laugh reading your post! loved it!

  8. Shilpi Dutta

    haha true true..I have experienced it all…I specially need to be careful while cuddling or kissing a kid, coz they have an impeccable tendency to take off ur specs in a fraction of a second and throw it in the air like a frisbee even b4 u react. While exercising I have to take them off and I assume that people wont notice my mistakes hehehehe Great post!!! Loved it

    • Ana J.

      ya you are so right. they think its a toy.



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