India Art Fair 1st – 4th Feb 2024

Subcontinents' most awaited Art Fair, the leading platform for Contemporary & Modern Art from South Asia is back at NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla If you are an Art and Culture lover, Art Curator, Art Collector, Home Decor Enthusiast, Artist, or simply curious...

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‘Comedian’ by Maurizio Cattelan

‘Comedian’ by Maurizio Cattelan

Of course, anyone can tape a banana to the wall. But not everyone gets a cool $120,000 for selling it! Welcome to the world of Conceptual Art. Essentially, what buyers are buying here is not a perishable fruit, but an Idea. Also, the certificate of art. Italian artist...

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10 Tips on how to Choose Art For Your House.

Art brings with it a certain life force and elegance to your living spaces. This festive season, bring home a piece of art, and add an extra room to your house! Here are a few tips that will help you choose art for your home. #1 Trust your instinct. If you love it,...

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15 FUNNY FACTS about people who wear glasses.

If you wear glasses, we have something in common. Lets laugh it off. #1 A housefly comes and sits on your glasses. And instead of shooing that pesky little thing, you end up observing it that close. Blame the rarity of such an occasion. #2 You feel silly when you step...

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Ana Jain

Ana Jain

Artist | Writer | Yoga Teacher

Hello! Welcome to PrettyPinkPebbles.

I’m Ana, and I’m glad to see you here. This space is designed as if it’s an enchanted white room with big white windows, and a bright yellow door, which is always slightly open. It’s a safe and peaceful place where you can relax, rejuvenate and find ways to stretch your body and mind.

Ideas on Art, Creativity, Minimalism, Health, Sattvic Food, Yoga, Pranayama, or Meditation, my aim is to nudge you to a healthier and peaceful way of life.

Take a deep breath, step in, and jubilate under the spell of art, good health, beauty and simplicity!


Himalayan Song

5 X 7 inch watercolor painting
The birds have vanished down the sky.
Now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.
By Li Bai